SCM Formula F1 Surface Planer

SCM Formula F1 Surface Planer

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  • Recessed planer protection beneath worktable
  • Greater table surface area
  • Motor with vibration-proof device
  • High stock removal capacity
  • Stability under all operating conditions
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The planing fence provides a broad surface ensuring a firm support even in heavy working conditions with bulky parts. The planer working angle from 90 to 45 degrees is well indicated.

The optional mortiser has a large-size work table with precision movements on the horizontal, vertical and lateral axes.

Planer (diameter 120mm) with 4 blades. Cutter block available with automatic blade securing and adjustment.

The infeed and outfeed tables are made in ribbed cast-iron and are controlled by a rod/parallelogram system for maximum safety. This system ensures a constant distance between the surface and the cutter block, keeping the surfaces parallel to the cutter block at all times.


Max. working width410mm
Total table length2650mm
Infeed table length1450mm
Outfeed table length1150mm
Height of work surface845mm
Cutter block speed5000rpm
Cutter block diameter
(no. knives)
120mm (4)
Max. stop depth20mm
Max stock remova20mm (8 CE)
Fence size1200 x 190mm
Fence angle90-45 °
Motor power4Kw 5,5HP 50Hz
Tilting guide (for machining thin workpieces)Available
Cutter block with disposable knivesAvailable
Motor 5.5kW 7.5HP(50HZ)
with star/delta start
Work table size400 x 185mm
Lengthways stroke130mm
Crossways stroke140mm
Vertical stroke150mm


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