Band Saw Guides

All our bandsaw guides are manufactured to high standards and can be fitted to the majority of vertical bandsaw machines in use today.
Some of the most well-known machine manufactures fit GL 456 and the larger GL 789 to their vertical bandsaws.
ACM, Agazzani. Rapid, Cosma, Centauro, Mini Max, Felder, Wadkin, Meber, Panhans, Hermes and Griggio to name but a few.
The bandsaw guides are manufactured from high grade aluminium castings and machined steel round bars.
All guides are fitted with universal parts which can be retro fitted as required when the originals need replacing. We hold large stocks of both complete guides and spare parts, top and bottom back rollers for 456/789 and complete side guides with castings.
The GL 456 S and GL 78 S are our heavy duty range of bandsaw guides are also available from stock.
These heavy duty band saw guides would be the ideal choice for more arduous cutting situations in foundry and ferrous industries.
They are manufactured from heavy steel sections and castings The guides and spare parts are also available from stock. Top and bottom back rollers are fitted with bearings to support their more heavy duty use.
Saw-blade aluminium band saw guides, with casehardened and hardened rollers and thrust wheel.
In upper and lower GL 456 and GL 789 models, rollers and thrust wheels rotate on bronze bushings, fit for high speed.

GL456 bandsaw guides
GL456 bandsaw guides fitted to Wadkin BZB Bandsaw machine.
Gl789 bandsaw guide
Gl789 bandsaw guide fitted to Startrite 440R vertical bandsaw machine.
GL456 fitted
GL456 fitted to Startrite 681S

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