Edge banders or edgebanding machines are heavy duty machines which are used to smooth the edges of wood strips and panels. Edgebanders are common in wood cutting factories and help to give the wood a smoother, neater appearance. As well as improving the look of wood panels and strips, edgebanders make the material easier to handle. With rounder edges there is less chance of splinters or sharp edges which could otherwise get snagged or catch on objects or workers.

Edgebanders work by smoothening the edges of your wood and also applying a thin layer of extra wood via adhesive or heat. With this action edgebanders can transform a panel of wood and make it slightly more durable. At Conway Saw we sell a range of edgebanding machines such as the Mpower Bench Top Edgebander. This machine comes equipped with an industrial heat gun and can apply edging up to 55mm wide.

If you need some advice on choosing the right edgebander for your factory or wood cutting application then please contact us today. With our extensive wood cutting industry experience we can point you to the right edgebander for your particular needs and requirements.


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