Sash Cramps

Sash Clamps also known as Sash Cramps are used to hold materials together for an extended period of time. They are typically used to keep items together when applying glue, ensuring there is no unrequired movement and making sure these items hold for a clean seal. When applying adhesives, such as a water based glue, there can sometimes be slippage so using a Sash clamp is a suitable way to reduce this and prevent an uneven or unstable hold.

Our Sash clamps are designed to be lightweight and sturdy. They are perfect for use in a busy production facility or a woodworking environment. Made from steel and featuring cast iron heads, our Sash clamps are perfect for exerting a high amount of pressure on wood and keeping items tightly held together.

At Conway Saw we are specialists in a range of woodworking cutting machines and tools such as T Bar Sash clamps. You can view our range online and order easily via our store. For any advice or support please contact our friendly support team today.


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