Glue Applicators

  • GMC 180mm Grey Glue Roller Applicator

    180 mm wide hand glue spreader for applying PVA glue. Provides a consistent coating of adhesive on any flat or curved surface. Adhesive is dispensed through an open / close dam roller and spreads the glue evenly.

    Supplied with replaceable Grey rubber rollers are for PVA adhesive

    Stand for 180 mm Glue Roller also available.

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    £122.50 Manufacturer:
  • GMC Hand Held Glue Spreader

    150mm wide hand held glue spreader for applying PVA glue
    Gives a consistent coating of glue on to flat and curved surfaces
    Spreads a good qty of glue evenly ,swiftly ,and economically
    Easy dispensing is regulated by opening and closing the dam
    180mm size is also available
    Other types of roller ie Sponge etc are available