Professional workshops understand the value of dust extraction

Professional workshops understand the value of dust extraction

For several decades professional workshops have known how important it is to have a working, reliable dust extraction unit in place. The machinery is a valuable investment for a number of reasons including the fact that it boosts safety and results in a better finish. Perhaps more importantly, removing dust effectively can prolong the life of your other equipment. It does this by preventing build-ups, reducing the risk of the material getting into electronics, and keeps the cutting area free of debris.

Dust extraction equipment is designed to tackle high volumes of air travelling at low velocities. This effectively removes as much dust as possible, dispelling clean air that is safer to breathe. The units generally have large diameter hoses to prevent blockages and to handle the volume of air.

One thing to keep in mind is that upkeep is crucial to ensure that a dust extraction unit continues to function effectively. It is not as simple as flicking the machinery on when you need it and using it for as long as you need to without any maintenance. Periodically you will need to replace the collection bag and clean the hose to make sure it isn’t becoming clogged with dust. A visual inspection may also be necessary.

An important safety tip is to remember that static electricity can build up in extractors. The flow of timber particles along the hose will create a charge. If this discharges as a spark it could lead to a fire or an explosion. To avoid these hazards it may be necessary to ground the system, ensuring both the hose and machine itself are grounded.

The dust extraction unit you select should reflect the machinery you are using. For example you will likely need a more powerful extractor with a higher capacity if you are dealing with a jointing machine or a thicknesser. Simple units may be fine for table or band saws. Keep in mind how much dust will be produced whilst the machinery is in use.

At Conway Woodworking Machinery we understand the importance of dust extraction. That is why we stock a fantastic range of high quality Active Air units. These are designed for use in challenging industrial settings where dust producing machines are used for long periods of time.

If you would like help selecting an extraction unit please contact us.

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