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Fitting a bandsaw guide to Record Power BS 400 bandsaw

We recently had a customer contact us to fit one of our bandsaw guides to his Record Power BS 400 bandsaw. At Conway Saw we have years of experience in the woodworking industry and we helped him fit the bandsaw guides to get him up and running in no time at all. Here is a brief step by step process to help if you are not sure: There is a size difference between the two guide systems a small modification is required to allow the new guides to be fitted. This part isn’t required for the Record Power BS400. Tools needed: Drill press 20mm drill bit Multitool & grinding attachment The retaining bar that fits into the original holding block is 16mm, the GL456 Bar is 20mm. The hole in the block needs widening to accommodate the new bar. Once the hole is drilled clean the bore with a file or use a multitool and grinding...

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