Weili Hot Press MHS3848A

Weili Hot Press MHS3848A

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MHS38 series hot press is aptitude numerical hot press, this series of hot press with PLC, pressure sensor, temperature sensor, human-machine interface and offers exact numerical control electrical parts can set and display the main parameter such as pressure, temperature, time and safety, all the message from the LCD screen interface can lead the operator, so that he reduce the troubles, depress the waster ratio and defend the machine.

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Model MH3848A x 100(1 Layer) MH3848A x 100(2 Layers) MH3848A x 100(3 Layers)
Press Platen Dimensions 1300x2500x42mm 1300x2500x42mm 1300x2500x42mm
Max. total Thrust 100 t(3.0 kg/cm²) 100 t(3.0 kg/cm²) 100 t(3.0 kg/cm²)
Pressure Of Hydraulic System 295 kg/cm² 295 kg/cm² 295 kg/cm²
Max. Platen Opening 380 mm 170 mm 100 mm
Oil Cylinder ø85 x 6 pcs ø85 x 6 pcs ø85 x 6 pcs
Hydraulic Motor Power 4 kw 4 kw 4 kw
Hot Oil Pump Power 1.5 kw 1.5 kw 1.5 kw
Heating Pipe Power 18 kw 27 kw 36 kw


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