Mpower Radial Saw Type MRA 350 400 450

Mpower Radial Saw Type MRA 350 400 450

  • Laser Guide Fitted as Standard
  • Special angular contact roller bearings and hardened silver steel rails ensure accurate movement of the saw carriage. This feature also facilitates easy replacement giving renewed accuracy and longer machine life.
  • Solid cast iron construction of arm and pillar ensure vibration free cutting.
  • The arm rotates 45° to the left and right with locators/stops for positive cutting.
  • Sawblade can be angled and locked securely 0-45°
  • Safety features include, automatic self-braking motor, fully enclosed sawblade guide, carriage-lock mechanism and head return spring.
  • Dust extraction fitted as standard.

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Model (standard arm/longer arm)MRA 350/350AMRA 400/400AMRA 450/450A
Maximum diameter of saw350mm400mm450mm
Maximum Saw Projection108mm133mm155mm
Crosscut capacity 90°STD415 x 108mm390 x 133mm330 x 155mm
Crosscut capacity 45°STD227 x 108mm110 x 133mm230 x 155mm
Height of Work Table813mm813mm813mm
Motor Power3 Phase3.0Kw (4Hp)4.5Kw (6Hp)4.5Kw (6Hp)
Motor Power1 Phase3.0Kw (4Hp)3.0Kw (4Hp)3.0Kw (4Hp)
Speed of Spindle50 Hz2850 RPM2850 RPM2850 RPM
3450 RPM3450 RPM3450 RPM
Saw Spindle Diameter30mm30mm30mm
Dust Outlet Diameter2 x 100mm2 x 100mm2 x 100mm
Extraction Requirements800cfm800cfm800cfm


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