• Mpower 511MS Spindle Moulder

    • Cast iron table 900 x 700mm.
    • 3kw (4hp) motor.
    • Forward and reverse spindle rotation.
    • 5 speeds up to 10,000 rpm.
    • Interchangeable spindle.
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  • Mpower 512MS Spindle Moulder

    • Cast iron table 1000 x 800mm.
    • 4kw (7.5hp) motor.
    • Forward and reverse spindle rotation.
    • 5 speeds up to 10,000 rpm.
    • Interchangeable spindle.
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  • Mpower 512TS Backward Tilting Spindle Moulder

    The advantages of the Mpower 512TS backward tilting spindle

    • Safer working. Machining from under the workpiece makes for optimum protection.
    • Possibility of machining any sizes of workpiece.
    • Full use of pressure guards or power feeder without regard to the obstruction.
    • Minimizing the load on spindle bearings to ensure the durability and precise moulding profile.
    • Perfect dust collection. Wood chips are directed into exhaust outlets.
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  • Mpower Bench Top Edgebander Type EB-1

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    EB-1 edgebander for use with pre-glued edging. Heat source via German made Steinel industrial heat gun with variable temperature control 100° – 200° C.

    Large rear table to support the coil of edging, working area with laminated surface and rubber covered pressure roller to ensure smooth and precise feeding of the workpiece. Fences and guides are fully adjustable for applying edging up to 55mm wide. Incorporated hand operated guillotine to cut off the coil.

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  • Mpower Four Side Planer 180/4FM

    The 180 4FM offers straightening, surfacing and thicknessing operations in one easy pass through the machine, saving time and space in comparison to traditional methods.

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    £8,950.00 £8,502.50 + VAT
  • Mpower Heavy Duty Throughfeed Planer Moulder Type RMM 523

    • Electronic positioning by keypad control and motorized adjustment to top spindle vertical movement with LED measurement display.
    • 60mm high fences.
    • Vertical spindles have 30mm vertical adjustment.
    • Horizontal spindles have 20mm horizontal adjustment.
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  • Mpower Planer Moulder 230/4PM

    • For high precision jointing, grooving and shaping.
    • Vertical and horizontal adjustable spindles.
    • Highly suitable for profiling your work pieces.
    • Complete with four cutterheads.
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  • Mpower Radial Saw Type MRA 350 400 450

    • Laser Guide Fitted as Standard
    • Special angular contact roller bearings and hardened silver steel rails ensure accurate movement of the saw carriage. This feature also facilitates easy replacement giving renewed accuracy and longer machine life.
    • Solid cast iron construction of arm and pillar ensure vibration free cutting.
    • The arm rotates 45° to the left and right with locators/stops for positive cutting.
    • Sawblade can be angled and locked securely 0-45°
    • Safety features include, automatic self-braking motor, fully enclosed sawblade guide, carriage-lock mechanism and head return spring.
    • Dust extraction fitted as standard.
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  • Mpower Tenoner Set 3

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    Straight Shoulder Tenon
    Staggered Tenon
    Mitred Tenon
    Finger Jointing
    Comb Jointing

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  • Mpower TS 300 Dimension Saw

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    •  Heavy duty cast iron table.
    •  Precision engineered rise & fall / tilt mechanism.
    •  Self adjusting riving knife.
    •  635mm cross-cutting table with telescopic mitre fence & timber stop.
    •  Auto de-brake.
    •  300mm TCT sawblade.
    •  Operator manual, pushstick & spanner.
    •  Dust extraction outlet x 2,   50mm & 100mm.
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  • Mpower TS 450 Tilt Arbor Saw Bench

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    •  Heavy duty construction.
    •  Large cast iron table.
    •  Rip fence with aluminum section for 2 working positions.
    •  Tilting arbor 90 – 45 degrees.
    •  Deep ripping capacity.
    •  Facility for compound angles.
    •  Rip fence with micro-adjustment.
    •  Optional: Panel sizing table.
    •  CE NORMS.
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  • Mpower Type M1 Mortiser

    With the Mpower Type M1 Morticer you can be sure of quality mortising results.

    When efficiency, accuracy and cleanness of cut are critical demands of your morticing jobs, then the Mpower Type M1 is the obvious choice. The Type M1 is a quality engineered, cost effective machine with a big capacity of up to 25mm mortises. The heavy cast-iron construction of the column, table, base and cross slide provides maximum stability. Specially designed for precise, trouble free and long life operations, special attention has been paid to health and safety regulations. This machine will provide excellent morticing results when applied in woodworking plants to manufacture furniture, sashes and doors…etc.

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    £960.00 + VAT