Houfek Maxx Wide Belt Sanding Machine

Houfek Maxx Wide Belt Sanding Machine

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Maxx is thanks to its construction and possibilities used for possibilities for more exacting operations defined – for sanding masive, veneered finish, MDF, bottom varnish and bottom binding materials.
Fixed heigth of table makes it possible to use Buldog in technologicals productions lines. High quality of ground finish and degree of automation include machine in the highest class.

Working widthmm11001300
Diameter of working rollermm240240
Height of workpiecemm3 – 1603 – 160
Width of sanding beltmm11201320
Length of sanding beltmm26502650
Speed of sanding beltm/s2222
Speed of feeding beltm/min3 – 123 – 12
Motor power of sanding beltkW1518,5
Motor power of feeding beltkW1,51,5
Input operated air pressbar66
Air consumptionl/min150 -200150 -200
Capacity of exhaustingm3/hr4000 – 95004000 – 9500
Diameter of exhaustingmm180180


Parameters are approximate depend on the type and configuration of the machine.

Wide belt sanders MAXX line are made as modular construction. This machine can assembled in requirements of our customers. HOUFEK machines can be equipped in these units and their combinations according customer needs.

  • type R – sanding unit with working roller
  • type C – sanding unit with working roller and sanding pad
  • type P – sanding unit with pad
  • type F – planing rollers
  • type S – special unit for assembling sanding, polishing and fabric tools
  • type K – optional unit for assembling polishing, fabrics and cleaning tools – assembling of this unit is on back side of the machine

Review of available working procedures:

  • Calibrating: working units types R , C
  • Planing: working unit type F
  • Finishing, polishing, fine sanding of surfaces P
  • Using fabrics tools (wax surfaces…)cleaning: working units types S and K

Standard equipment

  • for sanding units type R
  • 1.roller – rubbered D=240 mm, 90Sh
  • 2.roller – rubbered D=240 mm, 90Sh
  • 3.roller – rubbered D=240 mm, 90Sh
  • 4.roller – rubbered D=240 mm, 90Sh
  • length of sanding belt 2650 mm
  • automatic star / delta switching
  • frequence converter of feeding belt speed 3 – 12m/min
  • ampermeter for sanding motor
  • centering of sanding belt with infrared sensor
  • working table – fix height
  • moving sanding units
  • electronic measuring of working unit position with digital display
  • motorized lift of working unit
  • positioner of sanding units
  • automatic adjustment of sanding units by set value of workpiece
  • mechanical correction of working height in accordance of grain size of sanding belt
  • electronic adjustment of rollers and pad with correction of measuring value in
  • accordance of grain size of sanding belt
  • automatic adjustment of sanding rollers to set value
  • automatic centering of feeding belt
  • rubberized press rollers
  • pneumatic disc brake of main motor
  • operating pressurized switch 3,5 – 4,0 bar
  • adjustment of air pressure for tension of sanding belt
  • pneumatic lift of sanding roller for 1., 2., 3. and 4. unit
  • antinoiseness protection
  • standard nylon packing
  • CE electric and safety standard

Optional equipment

  • 25HP ( 18,5kW ) motor
  • 30HP ( 22 kW ) motor
  • 40HP ( 30 kW ) motor
  • NC machine operating color Touchscreen 10,4″
  • two speed for lift of working units
  • rubbered roller D=240 mm, 30 Sh
  • rubbered roller D=240 mm, 45 Sh
  • rubbered roller D=240 mm, 60 Sh
  • steel roller instead of rubbered D=240 mm
  • frequence converter of main motor – belt speed 3-20 m/s
  • pressure ledge for grinding short workpiece – 1 couple
  • automatic table positioner
  • pneumatic timed blower for cleaning 1 sanding belt
  • pneumatic timed blower with moving jets of 1 aggregate
  • orbital blower of workpiece
  • front extension table
  • rear extension table
  • 1. 2. and 3. unit -sending roller with two working position
  • pneumatic pad timed with ascent and descent
  • two-position pneumatic pad timed with ascent and descent
  • divided, pneumatic pad with ascent and descent,width of segment 30 mm
  • divided,electronic operated pad NC machine operating,segment 30mm width
  • Maximum-decrease limitation of workpiece
  • Module for clearing of workpiece by rotating textile or nylon brush 140 mm diameter, 1,5 HP
  • vacuum table
  • vacuum pump
  • automatic opening of exhausting, D=180 mm
  • special voltage 3Ph, 230/ 60Hz

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