Up Cutting Saw ACK 550

Up Cutting Saw ACK 550

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If you are looking to buy an industrial up cutting saw for your woodworking application then the ACK 550 is a great choice. Designed for the straight or angular cutting of operations this machine can save you lots of time and energy when cutting wood. For woodworking the ACK 550 is perfectly engineered with its large cutting blade and its highly efficient cutting mechanism. The hydro-pneumatic saw feed combined with adjustable saw blade speed and saw blade lubrication system make for an effective wood cutting device.

At Conway Saw we have decades of woodworking experience and have great knowledge of a range of industrial wood cutting machines. If you require a reliable and heavy duty up cutting saw then the ACK 550 is an excellent choice which can make your woodcutting tasks a breeze. Up cutting saws are made specifically to cut larger, thicker blocks of wood whilst retaining the motion and flexibility to allow for more intricate shapes and patterns.

If you are looking to buy an industrial up cutting saw such as the ACK 550 then you can contact Conway Saw today to get the best price available on the market today.

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General Features

  • Two-hand safety operation
  • Location points at 75°,60°,45°,30°,22.5°,15°,0° both left and right
  • Pivoting range from -75° left to +75° right  infinitely adjustable
  • Hydro-pneumatic saw feed
  • Adjustable saw blade feeding speed
  • Interior LED lighting
  • Pneumatically opening safety guard


  • Equipped with saw blade Ø 550 mm
  • Spray saw blade lubrication system
  • MKN 301 roller conveyor (3 m)
  • 2 x vertical and 1 x horizontal clamps
  • Air gun


  • Additional saw blade Ø 550 mm
  • VCE 1570 Chip vacuum extractor
  • Borcode printer
  • SKN 300-450-600 conveyor
  • DKN 302-452-602 conveyor


Conway Saw are one of the UK’s leading woodworking machinery specialists offering a range of new and used wood cutting machines. We sell a variety of machines including up cut saws, bandsaws, radial arm saws, spindle moulders and edgebanders. We also sell a number of woodworking consumables including head return springs, glue applicators, Wadkin spares and other tooling such as rubber feed rollers, sash cramps and mortising tools.

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