KGS 400M Vertical Panel Saws

KGS 400M Vertical Panel Saws

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KGS 400M Vertical Panel Saws

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Manual Vertical Panel Saw with Moving Frame.

400M standard

– length of cut 4200mm
– height of cut 2200mm
– max height of horiz.cut 1950mm
– max height of vertical grooving 2000mm
– max depth of cut 50mm
– motor 4Hp
– sawblade TCT 250mm diam

Standard equipment

Moving frame
Lower aluminium and plastics supports
1 TCT 40T sawblade
10 Metre suction pipe for extraction
2 intermediate retractable turnover stops
2 adjustable stops for vertical cuts
1 repeater device for horizontal cuts
4 mechanical stops for horiz. cuts programming
1 guide with central metric scale
1 guide with lower metric scale
3 metric scales on the beam for horiz.cuts
8 expansion blocks for fastening to frame
Service kit and instruction manual

Options include

Turnover rollers for the sliding of boards
Scoring saw unit with 110mm sawblade
DPS extraction system
LCD measurement display
Safety microswitch locking of the beam
“Angol II” device for angular cutting

Full list on request.

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