• Robland D-510 Thicknesser

    The Robland D-510 benefits from 2 majour advantages: a very good price-quality ratio and being made by Robland.

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  • Robland D-630 Thicknesser

    Once again Robland scores a hit with both professional and industrial woodworkers. The name Robland stands for advantage in quality and reliability and the D-630 thicknesser benefits from both advantages.

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  • Robland E-45

    All machines conform to ‘CE’ specifications and carry the “Low Dust Emission” quality label.
    The standard machine has a 7.5 HP motor with a manual “Star-Delta” starter. A 10 HP motor is available as an option.
    The optional “Auto Star-Delta” starter is available for both 7.5 and 10 HP motor versions. Where lack of space is a problem, we offer the alternative of a shortened overhead guard support and guide rail for parallel fence. In the shortened version the cutting width is 650mm (standard version 1270mm).

    All these features guarantee an optimal use of the potentials of the machine.

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  • Robland LX310-X260-X310

    A triple motor drive system allows the sawbench, spindle moulder and planer/thicknesser to operate independently. A smooth running, large capacity sliding table, supported by a telescoping arm, transforms the LX310 into a small panel saw with 1290mm crosscut capacity.

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  • Robland NLX-310-NX-310

    The machines NX-310 and NLX-310 are compact combined woodworking centres providing the modern woodworker Robland quality, precision, liability and security.

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  • Robland NLX-TZ

    The NLX-TZ is a compact woodworking centre providing the modern woodworker ROBLAND precision, quality, liability and security.

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  • Robland NZ 3200 Panel Saw

    The NZ 3200 is a true example of approved techniques, high quality finish and ergonomic design.

    The prominent lineation of the new design is reflected in all details.

    Simplicity, functional form and clear controls are some of the facets that characterise this new panel saw.

    The modern skin hides the result of long years of experience and approved techniques that feature in all Robland machinery.

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  • Robland SD510

    For professional and industrial woodworkers. A strong, well-built precision machine that’s simple, easy to use and that will give good reliable service for many years to come.

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  • Robland Z3200 Panel Saw

    • Standard motor power is 7.5HP, but also available in option is 5.5 & 10HP, and an automatic star-delta switch.
    • Also optional is the short guide rail for parallel fence and the shortened overhead guard support – ideal for people short of space.
    • All these features guarantee an optimal use of the machine. All machines are built to “CE” specifications and have passed severe testing for dudt emission.
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